Patient before Profit

Say NO to the Americanisation of our health system.

Say YES to putting Patients before Profits.

In Australia, our out-of-pocket expenses for health care are already high, second only to the US among OECD economies.

Large numbers of Australians already report that they don’t fill prescriptions and delay consulting health care providers due to cost.

Further privatisation of the system will only exacerbate this trend. The Federal government is proposing increasing the level of private sector involvement in health.

Here are actual prices (in $US) for treatment in the American privatised health system*:

Having a baby (vaginal delivery): $39,939
Hernia procedure: $105,228
Removal of prostate: $103,467
Liver transplant: $1,525,512
Breast cancer procedures: $123,462
Broken leg (10-19 year olds): $4689**
Broken arm (25-40 year olds): $7666**

In America, 123^ people die every day because they cannot afford the costs of hospitals run by private companies.

Now the Federal Government plans to keep handing over our public hospitals to private corporations … just like America.

Think what that will mean for you and your family.

If we go down the path of increased competition in health, it will only lead to higher costs overall and prompt a rise in social inequity.

Increased competition as defined by the Harper Review* will only expand the role of private health insurance. Local and global evidence shows that the more private health insurance is used to fund health care, the more expensive the system becomes with little improvements to quality of care – just like the U.S.

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*Institute for Health and Socio-Economic Policy calculations of the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development Inpatient Discharge Data, 2013 for Cedar-Sinai Medical Center (largest hospital in California), Los Angeles.
**2009-2011 Pooled Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Full Year Consolidated, Events, and Medical Conditions files and outlined in HHS agency APSE March 2014 study ‘Common Sports Injuries: Incidence and Average Charges’.
^Harvard University study ‘Health Insurance and Mortality in US Adults’ peer reviewed in American Journal of Public Health: December 2009, Vol. 99, No. 12, pp. 2289-2295.

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